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Your primary communication style is: Promoter  

Promoters are people with strong social skills. You are very good at winning over people, crowds, even your enemies. You have lots of friends and enjoy being in the lime light.

Here is a summary of your primary characteristics.

Your Value To A Team 

You are great at influencing people and enjoy establishing and maintaining the social connections necessary for the group to function effectively. 

Your Major Strengths 

·        You are enthusiastic.

·        You are great at getting people motivated & involved.

·        You can make almost anything seem exciting.

Your Major Weaknesses 

·         You may be impulsive and move from subject to subject without completing anything. 

·         Your tendency is to not focus attention on details and facts and this can cause problems. 

·         You may over-commit and under deliver. 

·         You can be too easily influenced by emotional appeals.  

You Are Primarily Motivated By 

·         Recognition 

·         Approval 

·         Visibility 

Your Method Of Communicating 

·        As a communicator you are enthusiastic, stimulating, and can inspire others.

·        Your communication is often one-way and you may not wait for a response before you continue to talk.

·        You make effective use of non-verbal communication.

To Improve Your Communication 

·         You may be too busy talking and need to listen more.

·        Seek to accurately understand what the other person means before you start to think about how you feel about a subject.

·        Be sensitive to those who want to “get to the point”, and cut the small talk when appropriate.

·         Be careful about expressing your feelings too much.

Your Typical Emotional Response 

·        Your emotions are characterized by highs and lows and you many move quickly from one to the other.


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