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Are you having problems with people understanding what you want and need?

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Get People To Hear What You Are Saying
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Problems with miscommunication may be causing havoc and missed opportunities in your life!

If your boss, coworkers, friends and family don’t seem to understand you and can’t hear what you are saying then read this letter now and find out how to turn it around. All you need to know is how to talk to them in a conversational style — they will eagerly listen to.

Once you grasp how to use this exciting communication breakthrough — armed with your "new communication style power"... you'll be able to effortlessly communicate clearer and more concisely in their own preferred style so they really listen to you (and agree with you)!

Plus... I'll show you how to quickly and easily learn this — so you'll be doing it faster than you ever dreamed possible!

Dear Soon-To-Be-Better Communicator,

First, I’d like to thank you for completing the communication styles survey.

(If you don’t know your communication style the please go to this link and complete the survey, get your style and then come back. To do the free style 5 minute survey click here: )

Once you know your style you will agree the survey (the system) produces stunningly accurate results about your personal communication style.

I’m sure you agree it gives you deep insights into your personality, your communication strengths (and weaknesses) in just a few minutes.

Now that’s great knowledge to have right? But…

The big problem is...

Now that you know your own personal style of communication...

How can you use that knowledge to better communicate with your boss, coworkers, friends and family in order to more easily understand other people better and how to properly communicate with them so the really hear you and what you're saying?

Not only that but even more importantly...

How do you learn their communication style (to tailor your communication to) so you can get them to really listen and understand what you want… without making them take the online survey?

Because we both know getting people to take the time and DO a personal survey and reveal private information like that is — virtually impossible! (I mean I very much doubt your Boss, coworkers or mother-in-law would!)

The solution is...

Learning how to use common things they do and say and how they interact with people so you can figure out their "style"...  and you can do this by just knowing how they communicate with you, their coworkers and their boss (or in the case of close relationships, their friends, partners and close family members.)

It's not as hard to do as you think and by the end of this letter you will know how.

The 'single ingredient' that separates successful people from unsuccessful ones is...

How they use their personal power to communicate and intuitively know how to make people listen to what they say and work with them.

The single most important key to living your dreams is utilizing your own personal power that comes from being an effective communicator.

Because if you want to dramatically increase your communication effectiveness with everyone you meet — then I can help you become the "better communicator" you've always wanted to be!

For the past decade I’ve been studying the secrets of interpersonal communication. I've taught thousands of poor communicators become better communicators in seminars all across the country. One of the biggest thrills I get is the high praise I receive from people who have successfully used my easy-to-use better communicator system — to get people to finally listen to them and HEAR WHAT THEY ARE SAYING.

With the incredible "power-of-influence" of this system...

They know how to take back control in problem communications with people.

Because they can easily figure out the "natural communication style" of the person they are dealing with. Once they know the "particular communication style" they can more easily "work with this person" and become confident they will listen to what they have to say —  and actually HEAR THEM!

If You Experience Communication Problems
It's Not Your Fault!

First of all, let me start off my telling you that it’s not your fault that you have communication challenges. Everyone does.


When were you taught how to communicate in a way that gets the most out of every conversation and how to speak in a manner which makes people listen and really acknowledge your thoughts and truly hear what you are saying?

I'm pretty sure you weren't. I certainly wasn't.

If you were really lucky you had parents who were good at communicating with each other and you learned from them how to communicate clearly and concisely your wants and needs — but you probably didn’t. Most people grew up in families which had some communication problems — (even if we really don't want to admit that.)

How about your communication classes in grade school, high school, or even college?

No… it’s not likely is it? (And we are not including the mandatory "Speech Class" most of us dreaded!)

To be honest, most of us were never taught or given an opportunity to learn how to be truly effective communicators— and it's one of the most important social skills you can have…

Our happiness and satisfaction in life can hinge on how well we get our point across (meaning our wishes, wants and desires) with clear and concise interpersonal communication skills.

How Serious Communication Problems Can Ruin A Life!

Almost fifteen years ago, I was seriously communication challenged —maybe you've felt the same way with communication problems of your own.

And because of my difficulties with getting my wants and needs "heard" things weren't going well at home or at work. Most days I felt powerless in my life.

On those rare days when I was doing well, I knew in my heart I could do better.

Miscommunication problems with my wife, my coworkers and even my boss were more than I could handle — I felt forever at the whim of others...

Getting what I wanted and needed to feel happy and fulfilled seemed to me to be a the stuff of dreams or a fantasy.

I was always the "loser" in a conversation -- my wife, my coworkers and my Boss always got their way. I would buckle under and give in and just take it on the chin. I felt miserable... maybe you can relate to this.

But I didn't know how to get them to really listen to me.

One day I got totally fed up.

I swore to myself that from this day forward -- things would change!

That's when I invested in my future when I attended seminars, read books, listened to CD’s and watched DVDs and modeled the greatest communicators of all time…

I studied the methods of top producing salesmen, nationally known and respected politicians, influential preachers, and happy people who really connected with their partners and had close, romantic personal relationships.

How I Fixed My Communication Problems By
Simple Changes In My Conversations

That's when started to see the same successful communication patterns emerge over and over again.

There were definitely things that these famous people did that most regular people had no way of knowing -- in fact they had no cue!

I know it sound incredible, but I was able to fix my communication problems with what I learned.

Now I knew there were thousands of people, poor communicators (just like I used to be) who didn't know the first thing about fixing their communication problems and were living unhappy lives.

So what I did was gather everything I learned from over five years of studying and honing my communication skills and perfecting my communication methods.

Then eight years ago, I created my own "speed learning style identification system". It's an easy-to-understand and use system to finally know how to get people to listen to you and hear what you are saying!

I started teaching my new system at seminars all across North America. Over the last eight years I have taught thousands of people in live seminars and have continued to refine and perfect my methods with new insights into new conversational methods I've perfected during my interaction with attendees at my live seminars. (I also do very limited coaching and consulting… but it’s expensive.)

With my proven "Communication Styles" system...

You can enjoy more satisfaction and success meeting new friends, developing rewarding relationships finding a better job, becoming financially secure and creating the life you've always dreamed to live.

The Communication Styles System Will
Change Your Life Forever!

You will be stunned when you realize how high you can climb and how much your old communication skills are holding you back once you learn what is in my NEW Communication Styles Workshop 2.0  —  It's a Personal Style "Power Communicator" Course!

Communication Styles Workshop

Now It’s Available On-Line!

People 24In order to reach the thousands of people who need my NEW Communication Styles Workshop 2.0  — I've made my course available online  — so you can get instant access in just minutes from now!

I know most people don’t have the time (2 days) or the money ($2,000 + travel) to attend one of my live-in-person seminars. Many people are so busy they don’t even have the time to read a book or watch a DVD in one sitting.

So I’ve condensed my most important communication strategy the “Communication Styles Model” into this fast 30 minute on-line video course.

But that's not all... I’ve added 5 Free Gifts when you order my NEW Communication Styles Workshop 2.0 video course.

You'll be thrilled at the extra value that's included with — 5 extra bonus lessons!

I've included them for those who want and need more information or have tougher communication problems they want to solve  —  and the 5 free gifts have been custom created to help you with that.

Now you can become the "better communicator" you've always wanted to be!

Here’s How To Quickly Improve Your Communication Skills...

When you invest just 30 minutes in going through the easy-to-follow teachings in the on-line workshop, there are six critical communication methods you will learn which will immensely improve your interpersonal communication skills -- faster than you ever thought possible!

Instantly Find Anybody's Communication Style

Without a doubt anyone can quickly become an effective communicator once they understand their own native or "natural style" but the true secret to successful communication is  knowing how to identify the personal communication styles of people around them.

After years of refinement, I’ve come up with a simple two-step process that instantly identifies the style of everyone you meet so that you can communicate in a way that speaks in their natural emotional language. I'll show you how to use this "style" knowledge to tailor your communication in a manner they will naturally want to listen to and agree with. You'll instantly be a much better communicator once you know this and how to use it to your advantage.

The Magic Of Successful Teams

If you have ever been on a dysfunctional team (and who hasn’t!) you know the frustration of working with people who don’t seem to understand each other no matter how much they talk. What you will discover in this workshop is the key to successful team interaction. Find out how to identify the team conversation styles and how to use it to gain the "inside track" to making a team successfully. Discover how to get them to listen to each other and work together to achieve common goals.

You’ll learn how to map your team so that you can accurately predict how each person will behave. I'll reveal strategies to take advantage of everyone’s strengths and how to minimize problems due to weaknesses in communication. Get the job done by tailoring jobs in the team to take advantage of their individual work styles.

The Natural Lines of Conflict

In this part I show exactly where the natural alliances and natural conflicts are between the styles. If you have someone who you just can’t get along with, there’s a good chance that you will find the solution here! Unlike other products that are oriented toward “hypnotic language” or “getting what you want.” This is all about true understanding and building real relationships rather than manipulation (win/win vs. win/lose).

My teaching shows you that it is up to you to find the other persons style and up to you to adapt yourself to them. This approach yields real results because while you can’t control what someone else is going to do or say, you can control what you do. This philosophy puts you in control instead of being a helpless victim and works to communicate with kindness and compassion rather than just "power yelling to get your way"!

Proven Strategies For Each Communication Style

Revealed here are fast strategies you can use when you need to get better results from every interaction. It is hard to get along with people if you use your native style and it conflicts with that of the other person. Example: someone who is a task oriented communicator will not be liked by a people oriented communicator because of their tendency to “get right to it” and skip the small talk etc. that the people oriented communicator expects and needs.

People may not like them because they seem to be hard to get along with. They may not have many friends because of this.

Ineffective communication can also destroy romantic relationships, cause conflict, and destroy career paths. But once you understand the natural strengths, weaknesses and inclinations of each style you are on well on your way to becoming a master communicator.

How To Persuade Each Of The Styles

How to get what you want and need without yelling or using pressure or any type of emotional terror tactics! If you've ever been embarrassed by not being able to understand what people really mean -- because you assumed they said something entirely different than what you heard... Then this part of the workshop is one you may want to watch more than once. Many people make false  assumptions based upon the way they hear them and think they see things without considering the differences in other people. This causes miscommunication problems and hard feelings from not having people like and understand them.

Some styles will make a decision with little information and some styles have endless questions. Once you know the styles and their natural preferences you are well on your way to getting more of what you want out of life and how to effectively persuade them without using undue pressure or scare tactics.

To make the NEW Communication Styles Workshop 2.0 course as fast and flexible as possible, I’ve kept the main workshop to only thirty minutes and added these five bonus lessons that you can take one at a time whenever you want and when you need them to help you with a troubling communication problem.

5 More Ways To Better Communication Success!

Please enjoy these 5 free gifts with my compliments!

How To Shake Hands For Power And Influence

In this video shot at a live event, I demonstrate exactly how to shake hands for maximum effect. You will learn how to shake hands with confidence when you want to take control of a situation and how to respond with a more passive handshake when the other person to feel in control and you want to be passive.

You’ll also find out a little known tip (for maintaining your personal power) and what you do with your non-shaking hand is just as important as what you do with the hand you shake with! My personal power methods for what to do with the different types of handshakes: the bone crusher, wet fish, and many more handshake types.

Being Assertive Without Being Passive Or Aggressive

If you are continuously passive in your communication you will lose respect for yourself and end up doing things you don’t really want to do. If you are constantly aggressive people will resist you and no one will like you. This short course contains the transcript of a coaching session where I show a man how to use a three step process to build an “I” statement that allows him to stand up for what he wants without being aggressive. The easy-to-use diagram on the last page makes it easy for you to build your own “I” statements.

Change A Word – Change A Life

The words we use are how we communicate our reality to ourselves and others… and they have a powerful impact on how we live our lives. In this five minute video I delve into the "hidden power of words" and I show you exactly how changing "one word" can change your life or the lives of those around you.

For example, the next time you are faced with a temptation that plays to a habit or weakness you have say to yourself "I don't do that" instead of "I can't do that." See how changing this one word changes everything?

Controlling What You Say When You Talk To Yourself

It’s OK to admit that you talk to yourself… everyone does it! What you say to yourself is just as important as what you say to others and most of us have negative thoughts that continue to pop into our heads no matter how much we fight with them. In this video I reveal the way to banish the negative voice once and for all. This one video is worth the price of the entire workshop and really will open your eyes to the damage of "negative self talk" and how it can sabotage your success.

Dealing With Difficult People Infographic

It’s not just your imagination… there are difficult people in the world.

This esay-to-use infographic shows you the seven types of difficult people and gives you a strategy for defusing each of them.

What you'll receive:

Communication styles Workshop 2.0 $ 47
Bonus #1 How To Shake Hands For Power And Influence $ 20
Bonus #2 Being Assertive Without Being Passive Or Aggressive $ 20
Bonus #3 Change A Word – Change A Life $ 20
Bonus #4 Controlling What You Say When You Talk To Yourself $ 20
Bonus #5 Dealing With Difficult People Infographic $ 10
Total Value $137


That's where the NEW Communication Styles Workshop 2.0  —  will give you exactly what you need to give you the knowledge you need to quickly and easily become a better and more "powerful" communicator!

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You Get My "You'll Become a Better Communicator" or
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Communication Styles Workshop Money Back Guarantee

Look... if your life and your problems with communicating continues in the same direction it is now, you'll never achieve your dreams. The time to act is now.

Let's review the problems a poor communicator deals with every day.

Many times people don't notice the different communication styles of people around them. They erroneously assume that everyone is just like them. They are surprised, frustrated, and sometimes angry when they can’t get their message through and get the reaction that they want or expect.

They think that it is the other persons “fault” when the communication doesn’t work. While the other person may in fact be a terrible communicator it doesn’t justify you not improving your skills. While you may not be the cause of the problem, you can be the solution and this puts you in a position of power, control and hope.

Hey, we both know that your future happiness depends on your ability to communicate your wants and needs to people in your life and get the desired action from them.

If You Don't Take Action Now While It Is Fresh In Your Mind, Then --
When Will You?

For you to get better results in your life, you've got to be a better communicator, and you've got to take action now.

Wouldn't being able to communicate effortlessly with anyone you meet make you happier? What if you could have more people instantly like you? How about being more intimate and feeling closer to your personal relationships — how would having more fulfilling relationships -- mean to you?

Invest in yourself and your future and discover the shortcut in only 30 minutes to having more success in every conversation you do  — in your daily life,  with coworkers, your boss, your friends and family — and with most everybody you meet.

$37 is a painless drop in the bucket compared to the personal satisfaction compared to the money you'd be missing-out on if you choose not to get this course, (and boost in pay with a better job)!

Looking at it that way...

You Can Discover The Secrets To
Being A Better Communicator
From the Comfort of Your Own Home

Because you completed the Communication Styles survey you can get everything… the Communication Styles Workshop… and the five bonuses for less than what I would normally charge for any one of them!

What you'll learn in the workshop and free gifts will change your life! 

I promise you'll gain much more...

The NEW Communication Styles Workshop 2.0 course is fast and easy.

Because I'm committed to your success I really want you to become the better communicator you've always wanted to be.

You can feel confident with your purchase of the NEW Communication Styles Workshop 2.0 course. That's because it is based upon my eight years of doing seminars with thousands of people who were poor communicators and fixed their communication problems — and became better communicators!

Take The Workshop And Try It...
Use What You'll Learn and
You'll Never Feel Like You
Are a Poor Communicator Ever Again!

Communication Styles Workshop Order Now

Remember that the length of the course is only 30 minutes and anyone can take a half-hour to improve their communication if it is important enough to do so. The shortness of this course is part of its strength because it makes it easy to do since it focuses on one high impact skill you can quickly learn and use right after you finish the workshop!

The workshop delivers real results fast. It’s something that you will actually do, not something you will buy and put on the shelf to sit and collect dust!

If you want to learn more than what's inside this workshop I've got even more training that's available too.

I have my flagship product called "Communication University" and you can continue your education and become an even better expert communicator — if you desire.

While this short workshop course won’t make you an expert communicator — it definitely WILL make you a BETTER COMMUNICATOR because it is focused training which will give you a major improvement — fast.

Simply buy my NEW Communication Styles Workshop 2.0 Course.

Then you'll be ready even if your life hits a huge snag and you...

This online workshop is fast and easy and delivers results quickly. While it doesn’t teach you everything you need to know to be an expert communicator, it does give you the one skill that will make a big impact fast. Take responsibility for solving the problem whether you are the “cause” or not.

Snag your copy right now. You have nothing to lose... and I promise you, you're going to be happy with your new better communication skills and the improvement in your personal relationships, your interaction with coworkers, and your satisfaction and happiness in your life.

Yes, Paul I Want To Become A Better Communicator!

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Here's What People Are Saying

Here's just some of what people have said about my seminars and workshops:

It was amazing to learn the different technique for knowing my audience. It was truly revealing!

Aida Rodriguez, Astiaga Davis

Excellent! This is useful in every day life – personal and professional.

Diane Beattie, Otis Elevator Company

I would like to give you a special thanks for teaching me the skill on having people to help me to get what I want, in the Effective Communication Seminar last year. I had the opportunity to try it out last week, and it worked like a charm!! I have successfully get my hotel reservation at a conference rate, which is supposed to be all booked up and not available anymore!

I'm just so excited, and would like to share my excitement with you! What a valuable skill to have!

T. Chan

Our audiences give him the highest possible ratings. And I must tell you, we have very finicky audiences

Chere Estrin, Ph.D, Estrin LegalEd

The highlight of the workshop for me was to be with so many intelligent people from all different kinds of careers and realize that we all have the same problems. And Paul helped us come up with excellent strategies to solve them!

Very illuminating, and really clarified some observations I had made recently about how very differently individuals with whom I have worked have responded to identical approaches. Some very powerful tools for management

Sandra Graham, National Research Council

And A Few Video Testimonials...

Here's what people are saying about my live events.

Communication Styles Workshop Order Now

IMPORTANT NOTE: At this price this course is licensed only for individual, personal use. For corporate and training use there is a special “train the trainer” package available. Contact me at for details.